Rising Again

Abida Taj belonged to an extremely poor family in Lahore. The family was living below the poverty line. Her two elder brothers were incarcerated in a false murder case, at the time Abida was in the 7th grade and all her inspirations to study were ruined by the conditions the family found themselves in.

Her father, the sole bread earner after the imprisonment of Abida’s brother, was overburdened with trying to make ends-meet and trying to fight for the freedom of his sons. The conditions were not favorable and in time the family had to stop the education of Abida and her sister. The sisters along with their mother had to step out of the house and start working in people’s homes to earn for their families. Both the sisters thought that this is the end of their education.

Arthur Wilson met Abida’s brothers during a counselling session in the Camp Jail Lahore. The brother told Arthur their story and he later on met with the family. One day, while on a visit to discuss the case with Abida’s father, Arthur saw the sisters along with their mother coming back from work. He saw the look of embarrassment on their faces when they saw Arthur. Arthur realizing the need for a thorough intervention to uplift the family’s condition in a holistic manner, discussed with the family about why they had stopped their education, the both sisters replied how they were eager to continue their education, however the sisters disclosed that they wanted to study but the circumstances wouldn’t allow.

Arthur flatly asked the sister’s would they like to continue their education? He got an instant yes. Within days, Arthur provided them with the required study materials and a tutor to help them make-up for the lost years. It had been three years since the girls had stopped their formal education. However, the girls cleared their education and with the help of Arthur, Abida went on to graduate from Forman Christian College, Lahore. She’s currently working in a reputable organization. Her sister is working as a school teacher after completing her teacher course.

Through Arthur’s efforts, both brothers were released on bail. Initially the brothers found it hard to get a job, however with Arthur’s help Sohail got a job at the petrol station where he used to work. While Pervaiz continued to work with Arthur and later on went to work at a security management company. He now works at the US Consulate as a security guard. Both the brothers are now married and have a family with kids.