Life seemed all but over for Aslam

Falsely accused for a murder he didn’t commit and with no money to defend him self, Aslam quickly found himself in a quagmire. With only eight (8) hours to his execution, Aslam thought his life was over – until ‘Redemption’ stepped in and saved him from the gallows.

“Life seemed all but over for Aslam”

Aslam’s story from the rusty cramped streets of the walled city, to the timeless walls of prison and finally to the gates of freedom, is quite a rollercoaster ride. Accused at the age of 16 for a murder he didn’t commit, life seemed all but over for Aslam. With little to no money to defend him self in the courts of law, Aslam was convicted and issued black warrants for his execution. It was during one of our jail visits that we heard of Aslam’s case but there was only one slight problem – Aslam was scheduled to be hanged in (8) eight hours. Having no time to waste, Redemption moved quickly and was able to convince victim’s family of Aslam’s innocence and save an innocent soul.

Aslam Masih was a convict of murder and was awarded death penalty but he was released just before 8 hours of his execution.

Aslam Masih was incarcerated in the charges of murder. He murdered a man called Loti Pehlwan.

Aslam, a young boy, who belongs to a poor Christian family who used to live in a walled city of Lahore. One day Aslam’s brother, along with his mother came out of the house and was going somewhere that a man called Loti Pehlwan who was very ill-reputed person, hooted and harassed Aslam’s mother in the center of the street. Upon this harassment Aslam’s mother shouted on which Loti Pehlwan felt disgraceful and they further torn her clothes and dragged her in the street.

In all this event Aslam’s brother Akbar became very angry and lost his mind, although he was unarmed, but he messed up with them to save her mother. In this mess Aslam’s brother grabbed an ice pick from the road side ice selling point and injured Loti Pehlwan, which he later could not recover from his wounds and died. Aslam’s brother took his mother and fled away from that area.

The family of Loti Pehlwan was rich and had a political influence in the society. They bribed to the police and made case on Aslam his brother Akbar and his Father. Akbar absconded to another city meanwhile police arrested Aslam and his father.

Through heavy torture police got confession from Aslam that he did the murder and his father was accessory to murder. Due to which Aslam got convicted of death penalty and his father was sentenced for 7 years.

Somehow the family of Loti Pehlwan managed to find Akbar from the city where he escaped and brought him back to Lahore. Loti Pehlwan’s family torched Akbar alive on the very same place where he killed Loti. No one became witness of the killing of Akbar and Loti’s family got rescued from that murder case.

Meanwhile Aslam’s father came out of the jail after 7 years and shifted to unknown place. Aslam, after spending 13 years behind the bars waiting for his execution, got issued his black warrants (date fixed). He met Arthur Wilson in jail and asked his help.

Arthur Wilson dealt his case through restorative justice and reconciled both families. Aslam was pardoned just 8 hours before of his execution due to reconciliation between him and Loti’s family.

Now, Aslam is living with his family and has 3 children and living a happily life.



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