Legal Aid


Mostly, it has been observed that families of prisoners are completely indigent to support their cases in superior courts So in that Redemption Pakistan provides pro bono legal services to those prisoners who cannot afford their legal representation.

Redemption Pakistan take its pride in having the Pakistan’s Best Legal team including Barristers and Lawyers.


In the four years since its infancy, Redemption has achieved several small targets on its quest to combat injustices against Juveniles. After several visits to jails across the province of Punjab, Redemption uncovered a variety of juveniles facing the death penalty without legal representation and promptly hired top professional lawyers for them out of its own expense.

Two of them has been successfully defended and reintegrated back into society whilst the rest are being given the best defense possible.

We have also planned out and prepared strategic litigation to amend the existing legislation should the bill not be accepted. Lastly, after multiple meetings with the Inspector General Prisons Punjab, we have convinced the prison department to allow us to present a proposal regarding a prison education project focused on Juveniles either sentenced or awaiting trial.

  • We represent people unlawfully detained within Pakistani prisons, primarily due to the draconian nature of the laws prevailing in Pakistan or due to lack of financial stability.
  • While public misdemeanors or petty crimes are offences that aren’t considered very serious – individuals do end up in prison. While individuals have the option to get bailed out, most individuals find themselves stuck in prison primarily due to lack of finances and legal representation. Redemption aims to fix that and since it’s inception has been able to successfully acquit 170 individuals so far.



  • We raise awareness about unlawful blasphemy cases against minorities in Pakistan – a law that has been widely used to badger the religious minorities within the Pakistani populace.
  • Redemption has successfully represented individuals falsely accused of blasphemy and is currently pursuing and representing three (3) other individuals accused of the same.