Death Row

We believe all people have value, deserve mercy and right to live.

Since the moratorium was lifted up on the death penalty in December 2014, in the wake of the barbaric attack of Taliban on Army Public School Peshawar, more than 150 prisoners have been hanged so far. The moratorium was lifted up to recover the nation from the threat and trauma of Taliban’s attack but unfortunately it lead towards hanging most of the innocents and juveniles like Aftab Bahadur etc.


  • Litigating on behalf of prisoners on death row in Pakistan, whilst ensuring that their trails are fair and just.
  • Redemption has so far dealt with 30 death row cases by advocating on behalf of the accused.


The people at Redemption are of the view that the Death Penalty is a cruel and inhumane punishment, particularly in the case of children and battling it is a service to society in itself. Additionally, we feel far greater impact can be made to prevent crimes by a person accepting their mistakes and learning from them to become an active part of society, ideally working to help others learn from his mistakes as opposed to making their own, rather than society forming a callous attitude and simply hanging such individuals in a misguided attempt to create fear and deterrence.

By actively working with Juveniles and researching on the socio-economic causes behind the commission of crimes by them, we can actively suggest solutions to prevent and curb such crimes happening in future.