Its never too late

Jahangir belongs to one of the less privileged areas of RajanPur, a small town located in the Southern Part of Punjab. Jahangir developed a relationship with a married woman. That friendship turned into a relationship; their relationship continued in secret until one day the husband of the women found out. The women apologized to the husband and started to ignore Jahangir.

Jahangir, filled with rage, went to the woman’s house and confronted both of them. The women, fearing repercussions, denied having anything to do with Jahangir. Enraged, Jahangir in a fit of rage killed the woman, refusing to let her live with anyone other than Jahangir.

The husband filed a case against Jahangir. The murder trial resulted in the court awarding him death penalty for the murder of the woman. All his appeals were refused and the Government of Pakistan issued a black warrant for Jahangir’s execution.

The family of Jahangir realizing that the only option which remained was to reconcile with the family, offered Diyat (Blood Money) of five hundred thousand rupees according to Shariah Law. But there was a problem, the family of Jahangir was very poor and had a hard time arranging the money. In the meantime, moratorium on the death penalty was placed in the tenure of the Government.

After 22 years of incarceration, Diyat was yet to be arranged. The family even after tremendous hard work was able to arrange about three hundred thousand rupees. During this time, the prisoners in Jahangir’s cell introduced him to Arthur Wilson. Arthur, after meeting with Jahangir and his family, sought to arrange funds for the release of Jahangir. Due to Arthur’s efforts, Jahangir was released after serving 22 years in prison. Jahangir, was counselled by Arthur and leads a normal life away from violence and crime.

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